Piping Design Videos 05: Compressors - Part 1

The following list of  of Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressor Videos I think would be helpful not only for Trainee Piping Designers and Engineers, but also as a refresher or reference for experienced Pipers. 

Please note some of the videos are Visual only, that is, without any Audio. 
Be aware that in the future, these links may no longer function if the originating author has removed the videos from the website.


Compressors introduction


Compressor Basics


Centrifugal Compressors Simulation


Centrifugal Compressors Principles Part 1


Centrifugal Compressors Principles Part 2


Centrifugal Compressors Principles Part 3


Reciprocating Compressor Principles


Reciprocating Compressor Operation


Dual Acting Reciprocating Compressor Presentation


Module 1 Reciprocating Compressor - An Overview of Vibration Issues


Module 2, Pulsations and Other Forces in a Reciprocating Compressor


Compressor station scrubber vibrations





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