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TOPIC: Inventor Pro - Routing Systems

12 years 2 months ago #7311

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Does anyone currently use InventorPro - Routing Systems for piping/tube design?

Has anyone used it in the past?

How do you like it? Any quirks?

How about the ISOGEN PCF Output?

I have watched a number of promotional videos, which look really neat. I have also gotten to work with Inventor a bit, but now my office is looking to get into 3D plant design and we really need to be able to make .pcf files. This program looks like what we want, but I can't find any personal information. Like how to start?

Where does the equipment come from for the pipe routing? Would we have to start from scratch for the equipment? I know there is a library for the valves and such, but what about the larger equipment?

Thanks for all your help in advance.


Routing Systems for piping design 12 years 2 months ago #4609

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I have heard of this and seen a "canned" demonstration during a sales pitch. But I have never seen it used by real pipers on an actual project. I was not impressed with the demo.

The main problem I had with the sales team was that they would not answer my questions about the program.

Programs of this type are "Rule driven" systems. There are fixed rules and there are user modifiable rules. The fixed rules govern things that the user cannot and must not change, example: pipe sizes, fitting dimensions, etc. The user modifiable rules are things such as the width of the pipe rack, the vertical separation between the levels of that pipe rack, etc.

The people who were pushing the program that I saw seemed to think that I should accept their program as is and I had no right to question anything.

Please be very careful with what you choose.
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