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TOPIC: Steel pipe with carbon steel shoe

6 years 4 months ago #8302

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Can we weld carbon steel shoe to stainless steel or alloy steel pipe.If yes then how??And what are the other options.

Re: Steel pipe with carbon steel shoe 6 years 4 months ago #6807

  • Jop
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You did not give any details with which to base an answer. So I will use an 8" (DN 200) line.

The shoe that would normally be used is the inverted "T".

Use a two piece "T" make the vertical piece Stainless Steel and the horizontal piece Carbon Steel.
The vertical Stainless piece will attach to the pipe with a Stainless to Stainless weld.
The horizontal piece (or foot) of the shoe would be Carbon Steel and attach to the vertical (SS) piece with a dissimilar stitch weld.
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Re: Steel pipe with carbon steel shoe 6 years 3 months ago #6814

  • 11echo
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Well years back "dissimilar welds" were something to be avoided, but time and (theoretically) progress marches on. These days I've seen a number of dissimilar welds being made in the field, welders normally use 7018 welding rod to do so. IF you have something more exotic, it would probably be needed to be done in the shop following to procedure spelled out by a welding engineer.
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