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TOPIC: 3D Laser Scannning and its worldwide acceptance

3D Laser Scannning and its worldwide acceptance 4 years 3 months ago #9070

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I am interested in seeing how many of our pipers have experience with laser scanning either by scanning, / point cloud registration / manipulation.. / reverse engineering / working with a contractor / etc.. what software platforms were you using????
Feel free to comment with your good and not so good past experiences.. and your points of view..
I'll give you a starter... I worked on a project where the services offered by the laser scanning contractor were referred to as "Laser Scamming"

3D Laser Scannning and its worldwide acceptance 2 years 5 months ago #9299

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"Laser Scamming" ...That's an interesting title, I haven't heard of it be fore, BUT I agree with it. I haven't had a whole lot of experience with it, but i had some insight when it first came out. I was working on a project that was pretty big, it was planned to do this project in multiple phases, so the client could continue to operate as this project progressed. We had done phase one, but there were alot of delays because the client hadn't kept up with doing as-built documentation from when the plant was first built, so additions and modifications were now obstacles to be documented before the new design could be developed and detailed. SO as phase 2 rolled around some bright young engineer suggested a company that does 3D laser scanning. It was pricey but this company would come out and do the scanning then they would give us the computer program (plus mentoring to operate it) to look at these scans to ascertain the data we needed. This was ALL this laser scanning company provided!
So I was the original designer on the first phase and was very familiar with the general layout, so I used this 3d "point cloud" to get some data. I tried it a number of times but what I was getting "seemed" to be wrong ...close but it didn't feel right. Finally I zeroed on a piping system I KNEW and used the system to look at it ...it was a perfect look, dead on the pipe at about 90 Deg.s ...this system told me it was a 3" pipe! In reality it was 4", i know because I measured it and modified a section of other end of this piping system. I pointed this out to "mentor" and she said that there is a margin of error, and now I'm thinking then WHY are we even doing this if this scanning!??
Now that's been a number of years ago, I'm hoping this scanning has gotten better, but I know for sure the price is still high, and that has been a limiting factor in the area I work, maybe in the next decade?.

3D Laser Scannning and its worldwide acceptance 2 years 5 months ago #9301

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We use laser scanning to some degree on almost every job we do working for Teck Metals. Trying to do anything on a brownfield site that's been in operation for over 100 years without a serious amount of field time is nearly impossible. As Teck is divided into many different business units there are some customers who fully embraces the use of LS's and others who still seem to think it's some sort of black magic art that holds no value.

Our jobs can still be done w/o the LS but the cost of site visits and rework for unknowns that weren't visible could be big cost adders to the project.

This past year we've been sending our scanners all across Canada and the US for some pretty major clients/jobs, from what we've hear they're all happy with the results.
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