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11 years 4 months ago #7464

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Hi everyone
Who can explain to me two questions :
1/ Can you explain in detail three or more major differences between code ANSI B31.1 and code ANSI B31.3 ?
2/ There is a power plant inside a Process refinery . Where exactly the ANSI B31.1 & ANSI B31.3 scope break occurs ?


Re: Code ANSI-B31.1 AND ANSI-B31.3 11 years 3 months ago #4970

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Hi everyone
Who can explain to me two questions ]pipingdesigners.com//images/icon_idea.gif[/img]
B31.1 - 2001 - Power Piping

Piping for industrial plants and marine applications. This code prescribes minimum requirements for the design, materials, fabrication, erection, test, and inspection of power and auxiliary service piping systems for electric generation stations, industrial institutional plants, central and district heating plants.

The code covers boiler external piping for power boilers and high temperature, high pressure water boilers in which steam or vapor is generated at a pressure of more than 15 PSIG; and high temperature water is generated at pressures exceeding 160 PSIG and/or temperatures exceeding 250 degrees F.

B31.3 - 2002 - Process Piping

Design of chemical and petroleum plants and refineries processing chemicals and hydrocarbons, water and steam. This Code contains rules for piping typically found in petroleum refineries; chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, semiconductor, and cryogenic plants; and related processing plants and terminals.

This Code prescribes requirements for materials and components, design, fabrication, assembly, erection, examination, inspection, and testing of piping. This Code applies to piping for all fluids including: (1) raw, intermediate, and finished chemicals; (2) petroleum products; (3) gas, steam, air and water; (4) fluidized solids; (5) refrigerants; and (6) cryogenic fluids. Also included is piping which interconnects pieces or stages within a packaged equipment assembly.

2nd question ans is in the 1st one itself
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