Piping Designers Survey Results


Recently we undertook a survey to find out your thoughts and opinions on pipingdesigners.com

We also wanted to find out what can we do better?

We asked 9 questions; so what were the results?



You may say, Who is Beauregard Gustafson? I have never heard of anybody by that name. You are right, you may have never heard of him by his full formal name but you know him by his pseudonym (alias or nom de plume).


You are at a family function, a Class Reunion or a party and you meet someone for the first time.
You ask the other person about themselves; they tell you, their background, where they work and what they do.
They then ask about you.
You are a Piper! 


Yes! Piping is a language.

It has an alphabet (component symbols) which, when put together properly will form words (assemblies) and then the words join other words form a sentence (configuration) from there you build a paragraph (a complete pipe line) and then a chapter (a unit) and then a whole book (a complete plant).