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TOPIC: Damage Pipe

Damage Pipe 3 years 3 weeks ago #9269

  • Ajak Piper
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Hi All,
A 24" SCH 10s 12m long pipe was damaged at piping fabrication yard.
This has resulted some dents at a few portions of the pipe.
The Contractor has decided to salvage the seemingly unaffected part of the pipe by cutting and removing the damaged portion. By doing this, it has resulted 3 pieces of 3m spool managed to be salvaged.

Now the questions are :

1. What are the required activities to be done on the salvaged spools? roundness or straightness check, RT or other NDEs. Does B31.3 or other codes list any guidelines on this.

2. In terms of Process and Stress, what are the concerns or issues on this salvaged spools?

3. Will the integrity of the spools be compromised even after the needful have been done on it?

Request for your expertise and experience to explain on this matter.
Thank you all in advance.


Damage Pipe 3 years 3 weeks ago #9270

  • Jop
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The damage happened at the Fab yard so have you asked them what THEY are going to do about it?
- They should FIX the damaged pipe.
- They should replace the damaged pipe.
Do it once and Do it Right
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Damage Pipe 3 years 2 weeks ago #9271

  • 11echo
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Sch 10 Pipe! ...That's the main problem, ESPECIALLY at larger sizes. The wall thickness is just too thin. I've had jobs where the company piping spec called out for Sch.10 and the fabricator called back and told them he couldn't guarantee that where wouldn't be any damage to the pipe wall from just shipping & handling. The cure for this is jumping up to Sch.20, 30, or even Sch.40 wall.
You need to remember the rule about "odd-ball" piping, it's odd-ball because it's not normally used, so if dictated that's what to use the suppliers have to special order that stuff, adding up the cost. As apposed to using more commonly used piping components and schedules, using these items does not usually add a significant cost increase and at times reduces the cost. ...Good Luck!
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